Matt & Yolande Co-Owners
We are a boyfriend girlfriend team from Melbourne, passionate about vaping and committed to bringing the vape revolution to Australia.
After years struggling to ditch the durries, trying every patch and gum available, even cutting back on the booze to stop any cheeky smokes on the town, we decided to give the mysterious electronic cigarette a go, having seen people using these intriguing devices on our overseas travels.
We tried various different models that we had ordered online, starting with the terrible quality disposable options, and eventually progressed to the more advanced reusable personal vaporizers as we did more research. It didn't take long before we were converts, not only did we feel a lot better, but our bank accounts looked a lot healthier too!
What we realised on our own journey from the old analog cigarettes to finding the new digital alternative, is that there is a huge lack of awareness in Australia about this option. When we began using our e-cigs in public, we would have people jumping over one another to ask us what we were doing, how it worked, and most importantly where they could get one.
We found that in Australia there are good retailers selling quality products at reasonable prices, but they were few and far between. The majority were retailing outdated, substandard products at ridiculously inflated prices. These companies were preying on Australian customers, particularly those who were new to vaping who have a limited knowledge and desperate for an alternative, and overcharging them for poor quality products.
As we had such a positive result from our change, and becoming passionate advocates for the electronic cigarette helping everyone we know make the switch, we decided we needed to go bigger. We want everyone in Australia to have the knowledge to be able to make the change, and have access to these products.
At Vapora we are firmly of the belief that if we take care of our customers they will take care of us. That is why we will always ensure our prices are as competitive as possible and our customer service is second to none.
After seeing first hand the explosion of the Vaping in Europe and North America and hearing the positive effects this phenomenon had on peoples lives, we are very keen to help foster that same culture in Australia and help Aussies make the switch as those overseas have.
We envision a progression to the accessibility, popularisation and widespread use of electronic cigarettes as an alternative lifestyle in Australia, where everyone has the knowledge and ability to join the vape revolution, with Vapora's passionate brand at the heart of the movement.
Matt & Yolande
Vapora Pty Ltd