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Craving an icy treat on a hot summer day? Do you love the invigorating sensation of inhaling cool minty flavours? Get a blast of icy cold freshness with Totally Minted Vape Juices!

Australia’s favourite minty vape juice brand, Totally Minted, gives you the finest range of cool, fresh, and revitalising flavours. Crafted from premium-quality ingredients, they deliver fresh, organic, and minty tastes that reinvigorate your tastebuds. You’ll love the cooling, soothing feeling of inhaling cool and icy vapour.

Totally Minted has a blend of 70VG/30PG; you’ll be able to produce billows of vapour clouds and enjoy great flavours while still getting a slight throat hit. Get them in a cool 100mL gorilla bottle.

Straight-up Minted

Get blown away by a powerful explosion of icy freshness! Our Totally Minted Straight-Up Minted flavour will give you the pure refreshing bliss of a strong mint flavour with a hint of menthol. It’s a bold and robust flavour that will surely keep you awake all day.

Spear Minted

Freshen up with sweet icy flavours bursting in your mouth! Totally Minted Spearmint gives you a cool mint experience infused with a deep sweet spearmint flavour that not only tickles your taste buds but gives you fresh breath as well!

Pepper Minted

Experience a fun winter party bursting in your mouth. Totally Minted Peppermint lets you taste its cool peppermint leaves essence, giving you a minted cooling sensation. Its arctic flavours will remind you of holidays in the winter.

Eucalyptus Minted

Plunge into an invigorating cold, icy party. Totally Minted Eucalyptus takes you to an exhilarating blend of arctic coolness with eucalyptus minted flavour. Enjoy the unique wintry mint flavour of eucalyptus.

Enjoy minty flavours infused with eucalyptus, spearmint, menthol, and peppermint extracts today from Vapora!

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