Sugoi Vapor eLiquid

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Sugoi Vapor brings you delightful premium Japanese-inspired e-juice flavours that you will surely love. Enjoy unique fruit flavour combinations that will have you feeling like you’re sitting on a beach somewhere on a tropical island, soaking up the sun while sipping a refreshing tall glass of fresh fruit blends!

Sugoi Vapor started with a group of passionate vaping enthusiasts with solid expertise in the vaping industry. Together, they meticulously created a line of e-liquid flavours, following ISO standards. They have continuously worked hard to deliver you the most delicious flavours, as well as one-of-a-kind vaping experiences to enjoy. Each flavour even goes through extensive testing to ensure superior quality and premium taste.

With a VG/PG mix of 70/30, you'll get to enjoy stronger flavours and large billowing clouds, perfect for cloud chasing. Get them in 100mL gorilla bottles with fabulous Japanese-style artwork.

Ryu by Sugoi Vapor

Looking for a fun, fresh and unique treat? Why not enjoy a concoction of some of the best Asian tropical fruit flavours? Sugoi Vapor's Ryu is an exciting blend of crisp and luscious dragonfruit, kiwi fruits and lychees. The sweet, tangy, and juicy fruit flavours blend well together, creating a more refined, complex, and refreshing fusion.

Rei by Sugoi Vapor

Into summer flavours? Sugoi Vapor's Rei gives you a blissful mix of decadent papaya, passion fruit, mango, and apricot flavours. You'll experience harmonious merriment of flavours from the most delightful tropical fruits across the globe. The combination of beautifully blended flavours will even leave you with an irresistible aftertaste in your mouth.

Try our blended fruity e-liquid flavours, and you'll surely get a blast of sweet, zesty, and decadent fruit explosions to satisfy your palate. They're perfect for those who want a unique vaping experience with out-of-this-world flavours. So get one for yourself now and enjoy the fruity goodness of Sugoi Vapor.

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