Sub Ohm Tanks

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Everyone has their own preferred way of vaping, and our sub ohm tanks are going down as one of the most enjoyable. For those of you who do not know what this form of vaping is, sub ohm involves emitting large clouds of vapor. The name sub ohm comes from the fact that these devices use low resistance coils that are less than one ohm. Sub ohm devices also boast enough airflow for direct lung inhalation. However, to experience this amazing form of vaping, you have to have the correct equipment.

Sub ohm tanks skyrocketed back in 2014, as it became one of the most popular default standards for those new to the vape scene. Not only can sub ohm vaping bring you big clouds, but it also provides an intense flavour, more airflow, warmer vape, and more. For anyone looking to get into vaping for the first time, or just looking for something new, sub ohm is a great place to start. Our wide variety of top of the range sub ohm tanks are the best pieces of kit around for any cloud chasers out there. If your using more than one taste "Sub Ohm Tanks" will be your first choice to look after since you not need to clean eliquid or vaping liquid out of the tank just refill and change tanks on your mod as you go.