Redback Juice Co

From three old-fashion Aussie gentlemen who shared a passion for vaping comes Redback Juice Co! Made from a variety of classic, tropical and rare fruits, plus premium ingredients, and all carefully crafted to perfection. Taste a mesmerising range of well-loved classic flavours straight from your old grandma's cookbook but with new surprising twists.

For the folks who have a classic dapper fashion taste, why not pair your style with a complementing vape juice? Redback Juice Co.'s E-Juice range offers delicious fruity flavours that will never go out of style. It's perfect for classy ladies and gentlemen. So try them all now! You'll surely come back wanting more.

Apple Pomegranate

Taste sweet, crisp apples that are freshly pressed and drizzled with pomegranate juice for a subtle sour twist. Enjoy this swanky spin on classic apple juice and feel refreshed now.

Blue Raspberry

Vape a refreshing hit from a flavourful mix of blueberry and raspberry flavours with a delicate kiss of grapes. Packed with delicious fruity flavours, this berry vape e-juice is a favourite for all-day vaping. Your palate can never get enough of these tastes.

Grape, Black, & Blueberry

Experience a fruity explosion of black and blueberry flavours in your mouth as you inhale. Then, as you exhale, you’ll get that juicy sweetness of mouth-watering grapes. You'll love this sweet juicy medley of forest fruits. It sure is a treat for your taste buds.

Mango Dragon Fruit

Enjoy a burst of sweet mango blended with a good dose of exotic dragon fruit flavour. What you'll get is a dreamy tropical cocktail perfect for sun-kissed beach days and warm summer evenings.

If you're wondering what dragon fruit tastes like, think of a tropical love baby between a pear and a kiwi. This lovely pink fruit has a delightful taste that perfectly complements mango.

Star Fruit Watermelon

Get a dose of watermelon goodness from this juicy tropical explosion. Imagine sweet juicy watermelon with a subtle dose of citric star fruits. Are you ready to enjoy this refreshing tropical flavour?

So what does star fruit taste like? This tropical South-East Asian fruit is swirling in cocktail vibes, combining a tarty citrus flavour with slightly sweeter apple and grape notes.

Redback Juice Co. Starter Pack

Don't know which one to buy? Curious but also kind of hesitant to try these exotic flavours? Why not try them all at once? We offer a starter pack that features all five Redback Juice Co. vape juices in small 10mL sample bottles, so you can experience the entire range for less. Find out which one is your favourite now!

Redback Juice Co. Ice Shot

Wanting a bit of chill on your vape juice? Why not mix in a bit of ice shot? Add a dose of ice to your favourite Redback Juice Co. vape flavour for a frosty bite. These are strong shots, so we recommend adding a single drop at a time until you get to the chill level you're comfortable with. Remember, this isn’t a ready-to-vape e-juice, but an additive to give your favourite Redback Juice Co. vape juice an extra icy kick.

Buy Redback Juice Co. Vape E-Juices Now!

Pair your swanky flair with some stylish classic flavours. Choose from our range of mouth-watering classic dessert flavours with a twist. Get your new favourite vape e-juices now!

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