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When it comes to vaping, it is all about the flavour. No one wants to sit there inhaling a taste they do not even enjoy. It is therefore important to shop around in order to locate the very best options for your own individual taste buds. When it comes to vaping, flavours are completely subjective, so take the time to pick your own personal favourite. And hey, even if you find one you really like, who wants to eat their favourite meal every single night for the rest of their lives? It can be fun to mix up flavours, try new things, and keep it fresh to ensure you vaping experience remains as exciting as ever. This is especially prevalent for beginners, as you go on the hunt for your favourite vape liquids. You don’t want to stop as soon as you find one you like. Expand your horizons, push the boat out, there’s a world of flavours out there. 

Speaking of the world, we now stock an extensive range of the very best Malaysian E-Liquids for you to try. Welcome to the weird and wacky world of Malaysian vape! One of our personal favourites has to go down as the Donut Puff Company, as you not only get the vape flavours of some of your beloved glazed treats, but the bottles also come in little donut shapes. If you’re looking for some icy fruity tastes, look no further than the Rooks Reborn range, featuring blackcurrant, strawberry, honeydew and more. Iceberg Blow also offer a similarly impressive range of chilling fruit flavours. Our other fruity Malaysian flavours come in the form of Tastism Brew, Empire Brew, and Monsta Vape. However, if you are looking for some more quirky variants, give Aura Mocha Late, Vape Empire Malaysia Cocoa Cookies, or Aura Movie Popcorn a go!

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