Icy, Mint & Menthol e-liquid

Are you looking for an icy kick in your e-juice flavours? Don’t you love the invigorating feeling of inhaling fresh mint or menthol vape juice? Sometimes quite sweet, e liquid flavors can be a little overwhelming but not when you combine them with menthol. You can vape mint juice all day and never get sick of it. Ice mint vape juice has also a particular appeal to those who have quit smoking but are still looking for the menthol taste.

Mint vape juice with no nicotine is a great alternative to menthol cigarettes without the long-term side effects. Nonetheless, ice, mint and menthol e-liquid flavours can be enjoyed by everyone. You can combine them with any other flavour and they always end up tasting great. This is why they have a wide range of flavour profiles. You can have them mixed with a single flavour or multiples, as well as varying degrees of mintiness.


Our Top Picks for Icy, Mint and Menthol Vape Flavors

We’ve rounded up our favourite minty flavour types so you can explore these cool and refreshing flavours.


Cool Mint Vape Juices

Are you looking for a blast of strong menthol taste? Our line of arctic mint vape juices will blow your mind (and your taste buds). Have a glacial party in your mouth with great flavours from Totally Minted Vape Juice, Monsta Vape, Empire Brew, Ice Monster Vape Juice, Iceberg Blow e-liquid, Frozen Yoghurt e-juice and Ossem Vape Juice. We have a great range of straight-up icy mint flavors to give you that refreshing kick or even a wintery peppermint taste. But what if you’re looking for more than a minty or icy taste?


Iced Fruit Vape Juices

Well, we think that nothing beats the refreshing combination of cool and fruity flavours. Sometimes a simple single fruit flavour with subtle ice is all that you need. Other times, you might want something with a bit more kick. Vapora has an extensive selection of minty but fruity flavours, including a sweet and tangy mango vape juice with a hint of icy flavour. If you’d rather go with a minty mix of multiple fruits, we also have unique blends including your favourite fruits like honeydew, kiwi and mixed berry with mint all in one vape juice. Or for a real summer vibe, we also have delicious fusions of strawberry, watermelon, apple and mint combined in a single vape juice. And for when you’re feeling really tropical, what about mango, tangerine, and guava but all with that icy hit!


Minty Candy, Drink & Dessert Vape Juices

If you’re wanting to indulge your sweet tooth with some sweet mint vape juices, we’ve got the flavour combos to satisfy your cravings. Why not try a refreshing lemon and lime soda with a hit of cold ice? Or how about a refreshing icy blackcurrant-flavoured drink? If you’re more of a coffee lover, then you may prefer the bittersweet combination of iced coffee and cocoa flavours with a hint of mint. However, if you’re more of a chocolate fan, there are lots of e-juice flavours that team those complimentary tastes of chocolate and mint. There are also vape juices that taste like your favourite candy but with a minty or icy undertone if you’re really craving a sugar hit!

Have you decided which mint flavour to try first? Don’t bother searching for “mint vape juice near me” — Vapora has the best mint vape juices around and we deliver anywhere in Australia! Buy your favourite flavours now and even try something new!

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