HorizonTech Vape Kits


 HorizonTech Vape Tanks & Vape Coils

Coming out of Shenzhen, China HorizonTech arrived in the Vape Scene in 2017 and operates on a quality over quantity basis. The company invests a lot of time and effort into their cutting edge research and development team, which is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to bring the very best vaping experiences to their customers. Not only this, but the company also had dedicated production, quality assurance, procurement, customer, and market expert teams to ensure a well-rounded product range. HorizonTech takes the time to thoroughly research within the vape industry before bringing a product to market, which really shows in the final results. You can tell that a lot of care and a lot of love goes into everything that comes out of HorizonTech. We at Vapora have admired their work and the way they conduct business for a long time now, which is why we continue to stock their product range. We are particularly impressed with the range of Sub Ohm tanks that come out of HorizonTech and currently stock multiple options for our customers.

HorizonTech actually primarily sticks to making these excellent quality Sub Ohm Tanks, which are known for their excellent build quality and awesome flavour production. HorizonTech Falcon Tank won the award of Best Vape Tank at London Vape Show. Innovative, elegant vape tanks and coils by HorizonTech are available here at Vapora Vape Store! Pick up a Falcon Resin Edition Tank today and experience a new Horizon.  Don’t take our word for it though, check out the reviews from your fellow customers to see what they thought of the latest HorizonTech products and be sure to leave your own feedback if you make a purchase. We can safely say that you will not be disappointed by this range of superb products. Feel free to get in contact with an expert within the Vapora team today if you have any questions about the HorizonTech range or vaping in general!