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We pride ourselves in bringing you some of the very best vape juice vape flavours, not just from Australia, but from around the world. Whether it comes from London, Paris, or Tokyo, if we think it tastes good, we will provide it to our customers. One of our latest favourites comes from Malaysia from a company by the name of Empire Brew. Their premium e-liquid, vape juice products are out of this world. The names do not mislead, these vape juices will knock your socks off. We are proud to say that most flavours are currently available here from Vapora Vape Shop, all the way from Asia. Produced by the Juice Geniuses from Vape Empire Malaysia empire brew first hit the market in 2011. Over the years the Empire Brew has updated and upgraded the range and it has developed into a world-class e-liquid line. Empire Brew is on sale from hundreds of outlets throughout Asia, The Middle East, Europe and Australia and is known for its sweet fruity and icy cool flavours. We have been keen admirers of Empire Brew for many years now, as they have gone from strength to strength as a company, first taking Malaysia by storm, then the Asian continent, and now the global market.

We are extremely proud to now be a part of that journey with them, as we stock a wide range of their products on the Vapora website. Empire brew is famed for partnering up with some of the best flavours to create a really vibrant taste with their e-liquids. Whether it’s the dynamic duo of apple and cucumber, mango and lychee, or apple and blackcurrant, the Empire Brew e-liquid range is sure to leave you wanting more. As the bright and eye-catching packaging suggests, these e-liquids really pack a punch and are well worth the competitive prices. Don’t take our word for it though, check out some of the amazing reviews at the bottom of each product to see what other customers thought. We would also appreciate it if you could leave your own comments to let us know how you liked your purchase. If you have any questions about the Empire Brew range currently stoked at Vapora, then get in touch today!