+ohm Tanks & Vape Accessories

Different vapers enjoy different styles of vaping +ohm tanks are best suited to those who want to keep their vaping experience as similar to traditional smoking as possible. +ohm tanks are designed to be used for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping meaning they have a similar draw to a cigarette where the user inhales first into their mouth then into their lungs simulating the way one would inhale on a cigarette. +ohm Tanks are best run at low wattages (under 25W) and as result do not produce huge clouds of vapour meaning they work well for users who wish to more discreet when vaping in public.

Another positive of using +ohm tanks at low wattage is they do not chew through e-liquid (vape juice) anywhere near as quickly as their high wattage sub ohm cousins making them a more economical choice. In the early days of vaping +ohm tanks where the only option then in 2014 when sub ohm tanks hit the market +ohm tanks went out of fashion for several years. Now with more new users getting into vaping than ever +ohm tanks are back with many vapers looking for a more low wattage, more discreet, lower eliquid consumption vape.