Candy Eliquids - Candy Vape Flavours

Your sweet tooth doesn’t have to cause you so much guilt anymore! Candy-flavoured vape juice will let you satisfy your sugar cravings without the added calories. Candy vape juice is a hit because of its wide selection of popular childhood favourites. Imagine, for every kind of candy made, chances are there’s an equivalent vape juice. You can taste every single kind without getting a toothache — that’s a childhood dream come true!


Classic Candies

When it comes to candy flavours, there’s so many to choose from, like vape juice that tastes like watermelon and strawberry candy or even e-liquid that’ll have you swearing you’re eating cotton candy! With the right vape juice flavor, you can enjoy the classic taste of bubblegum without making your jaws ache — try Dinner Lady Vape Juice Bubble Trouble for yourself! Or if you can never say no to a gummy bear, you’ll love Doozy Vape Co Gummy Bears and Clouds & Candy Gummy Bears Vape Juice . And, if you like sour candy, you need to try Clouds & Candy Sour Worms Vape Juice to get that tingling sweet and sour flavour without the sugar crash.


Custards and Puddings Vape Juice Flavour

If you’re more of a dessert lover than a candy chewer, you’ll want to try Vapora’s range of dessert-inspired vape flavors. To start, try our bestseller The Custard Shoppe’s Butterscotch Custard Vape Juice or Custard Monster Blackberry e-liquid. It tastes just like a real butterscotch custard pie but since it’s a vape juice, there’s no guilt about going back for seconds! But that’s only the beginning when it comes to dessert e juice. Sample classic desserts like tangy lemon curds with decadent meringue, sweet vanilla custard and even apple pie — all as a vape juice. There are lots of cheesecake-flavoured vape juices too and even peanut butter with chocolate so you can get that perfect combo of salty and sweet in one vape juice!


Do You Love Donuts?

Doughnuts or Donuts are a hot trend dessert and for good reason. It’s hard to say no to those frosted fried goodies. But you can stick to your diet and still get that awesome donut flavor. All you need is a donut vape juice! Find your favourite today at Vapora.


Chocolate Milk, & Coffee e-Juice Flavours

If you like a sweet drink, then there are vape juices for you too! For caffeine lovers, you can get coffee and even espresso vape juices. This can be a great way to satisfy that coffee craving without risking a headache or staying up half the night. But if you’re looking for a childhood favourite, you can also find flavoured milk e liquids, including chocolate and strawberry milk vape juices.

Strawberry milkshake Vape Juice - click here: Trippy Treats Strawberry Freakshake 
Our Best Coffee Vape Flavour - click here: Yorkshire Barista Caramel Latte Vape Juice

Which sweet candy e-liquid are you going to try first? Find the tastiest variety of sweet, sour, minty, and flavourful candy e-juices here at Vapora. Start your flavor journey today!

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