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e-Cigarette Starter Kit - Vaporizer Pen - Vape Pen Starter Kit

Considering making the switch to vaping aka electronic cigarettes? Well, you are in the right place. All of our vapour starter kits have been designed for those with little or no experience vaping. These starter kits have all the hardware you will need to get started, so once you've picked one out all you will need to do is head over to our e-liquid section and pick out some e-liquids to use with your new starter kit. 

At Vapora we remember what it was like for us making the switch to electronic cigarettes so we know how confusing it can be. That's why we are here to help if you are having trouble wrapping your head around the whole thing we recommend you read our Beginners Guide to Vaping or feel free to drop us a line as we are always happy to hear from you.