AUs Vape Juice - Eliquid

When it comes to vaping, it is all about the flavour. No one wants to sit there inhaling a taste they don’t even enjoy. It is therefore important to shop around in order to locate the very best options for your own individual taste buds. When it comes to vaping, flavours are completely subjective, so take the time to pick your own personal favourite. And hey, even if you find one you really like, who wants to eat their favourite meal every single night for the rest of their lives? It can be fun to mix up flavours, try new things, and keep it fresh to ensure your vaping experience remains as exciting as ever. This is especially prevalent for beginners, as you go on the hunt for your favourite vape liquids. You don’t want to stop as soon as you find one you like. Expand your horizons, push the boat out, there’s a world of flavours out there. 

And speaking of “the world”, we now have a brand new selection of our favourite flavours from around Australia. If you need some guidance as to what liquids to give a try, this list is sure to get your taste buds tingling in no time. Byron Bay Cloud Company boasts some of the very best fruity flavours on the market right now, from Melon Madness to Blue Raspberry. They also have a superb chocolate variant and a unique milk and cereal flavour for those of you who like to try something new and quirky. Meanwhile, Sticky Fingers are one of the very best Australian companies when it comes to locally-sourced products and strong fruit-based flavours, from Granny Smith Apple to Kiwi Watermelon. As well as fruity flavours, the Sydney Vape Company also offers some rather unique options for you to try, from Turkish Baklava, to Tiramisu, and even Chai Latte. Finally, Bogan Brews and Mr Wicky also offer some incredible fresh and exciting new flavours for you to enjoy from Australia. When it comes to vaping, Us Aussies certainly know what were talking about!

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