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Your Ultimate Vape Mods List for Australia: Discover the Best Box Mods of 2022

Jul 24, 2022

Because nothing lets you customise your vaping experience as a vape mod box does, it certainly is a must-have for any vape enthusiast. Not to mention, vape mods have come a long way since their beginnings. So fast track to 2022, vape mods are now built more powerful and with more features! Here are the best vape mods you can try in 2022.

The Best Dual Battery Options

GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 L200

If you want extreme performance and don't mind the bulky exterior, the GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 Box Mod is the best choice. Get ready for a wild vaping experience with a power output of up to 200 watts and a dual-18650 battery layout. Like its predecessor, the GeekVape L200 is also unbreakable, thanks to a compact, lightweight metal body that is impact-proof, dust-resistant and waterproof. Boasting an IP68 rating and a military standard shock-proofing, the GeekVape L200 can take a beating! Plus, with GeekVape's Temperature Control mode and TCR, you'll enjoy a wide range of vaping settings. Even better, the huge rocker-style firing button on the GeekVape L200 is exceptionally comfortable to use. No doubt, it's the best choice for heavy regular usage!

Vaporesso Gen 200 Box Mod

It may look plain and simple from the outside, but, powered by dual 18650 batteries, Vaporesso's Gen 200 Box Mod is a feature-filled heavy hitter! Boasting a user-friendly 24mm (0.96") TFT screen, this e-cigarette easily allows you to adjust your wattage, voltage mode or vaping mode. The Gen 200 Box Mod also offers three vaping modes: Wattage mode, Pulse mode and F(t) mode. Furthermore, with the signature Axon chip, you can adjust according to your favourite vaping configurations. Best of all, Vaporesso’s Gen 200 Box Mod can pump up to 9.0V. It’s designed with a comfortable and ergonomic grip, made for your hand, with a cool dot matrix pattern.

GeekVape Aegis X Box Mod

You get only the best features with the GeekVape Aegis X! Powered by an impressive 220 watt battery; you can vape all day without worrying about running low on battery. It also features a striking 6cm (2.4-inch) OLED colour screen that almost covers the entire side of the mod for easier control. When it comes to durability, the Aegis X comes with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. Yet, it's only relatively heavy and feels good in the hand. You'll also get a ton of features, such as the power mode (with Soft, Normal and Powerful preheat options), Temp Control (SS, Ni200, Ti and TCR), Watt Curve mode (VPC), and Bypass mode. It also uses a standard TCR, which can be programmed in TCR mode. As a result, the Aegis X has almost every mode and feature you need without being fiddly or confusing.

Find the Best Single Battery Box Mod

GeekVape Aegis M100

Beautiful, durable and compact, what more can you say about the GeekVape Aegis M100? It's the perfect compact box mod to MTL vape or for anyone that runs a single coil RTA tank. It has an IP68 rating, making it waterproof, dustproof and nearly indestructible. The M100 will fire up to 100W with its 2500mAh built-in battery. One unique feature is its "Stable Output Buck-boost Tech", keeping the power output stable even when the battery is running low. So you can enjoy a consistent performance and steady draw up until the battery dies. The Aegis M100 comes ready with a complete pack of modes such as Power mode, Bypass mode, Temperature Control mode and TCR. Furthermore, you'll also get VPC mode, so you can enjoy different wattages throughout a single draw. This feature also allows you to ramp up or decrease your wattage depending on your preference. What else can you ask for? The M100 is small and easily portable while still providing a fantastic performance.

GeekVape Aegis Max 100 Box Mod

Another GeekVape win, the Aegis Max 100 is rated with IP68 grade protection with A-Lock and offers a lighter and more robust build. This means it has water and dust resistance and a higher level of shock resistance! So you can bring your vape mod on your adventures and never worry about breaking it. It also has flexible compatibility with a 21700 and a 18650 battery, and supports up to 100W power. Plus, it has a larger 2.8cm (1.1") TFT full screen and a 5.5mL tank capacity utilising leakproof top airflow.

Get the Best Vape Mods for Sale

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