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Dec 18, 2019


Vaping is still a relatively new and laws surrounding e-cigarettes can differ greatly from country to country, which is why it is so important to do your research before you travel. It isn’t usually until you are booking your trip that you consider, where is vaping legal? Or Where can I vape overseas? Can I travel with my vape? Can I bring my vape on a plane or in my luggage? There are many things to consider before embarking with your vape supplies, so to help you with this process, we have put together some tips to help you get started.


Know the laws in your destination(s)

Before you embark, make sure you are aware of the laws in the country or countries you are travelling to. This not only applies to your final destination, but also to stop overs on your journey and the home country of the airline you are travelling with. For instance, if you are travelling to Malaysia, vaping is legal* and very popular among locals, and you will find plenty of vape shops when you arrive. What you have to look out for though is who you are flying with – Singapore Airline flies to Malaysia but Vaping is illegal in Singapore, so this airline will enforce the laws of their home country, so you might want to choose a different airline if you want to bring your vape supplies with you to avoid any issues. Laws can also vary from state to state in some countries. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do your research, it might be worth booking your trip with a travel agent who can do the research for you and ensure a stress free trip.


Bringing your vape on a plane

Vaping on flights, like smoking, is not allowed. However, you can bring your device on the flight with you. The rules slightly vary for each airline, so make sure you check with the airline(s) you are flying with. Be sure to check if you can bring an e-cigarette on the flight, the limit for liquid you can bring on carry on, and whether or not you can bring batteries on board. Most airlines will allow you to bring an e-cigarette with your carry-on luggage with a maximum of 100ml of liquid per bottle (most e-liquids at Vapora come in 100ml bottles or smaller). E-liquid can also be put through check in, but we recommend having it in a zip lock bag just in case any juice leaks in your luggage, and also emptying your tank before boarding – pressurised cabins will inevitably lead to tanks leaking. Batteries are generally restricted to carry-on luggage. These are just guidelines – please check with the airline you are travelling with for their rules and regulations for carrying vapes and vape accessories before you depart/board any flights. Most international airports will either have strict no smoking or vaping policy, or have dedicated smoking/vaping areas where you can use your device. Make sure you read signs or ask staff at the airport if and where vaping is permitted.


Be prepared

We all know how stressful it is when you are running low on juice or coils, but it is especially stressful when you are in a foreign country and you aren’t sure when you will next come across a vape shop to stock up on supplies. To ensure a stress free trip with no temptations to resort to the durries, we recommend stocking up on e-liquid and coils before you depart and carrying them in your check in luggage. We also suggest taking more than one device and or spare batteries with you to ensure you don’t run out of battery during the day and so you have a back up if you break or lose one of your devices.


Invest in a travel mod

We recommend investing in a pen style kit when you are travelling. Pen style kits are more compact which makes them easier and lighter to carry in your pocket or bag when you are travelling. This style device does not necessarily mean that you are downgrading if you are used to a more powerful device. There are some great pen style kits on the market that can chuck great clouds and have good battery life, in both simple one button function or in variable wattage. Check out the range here.

Where is vaping banned?

Laws around vaping can be vague and obscure. Although Vaping is Legal in Australia, we often show up on the banned or restricted lists online. It is legal to buy and sell products, it is legal to vape in areas where you can smoke, and it is legal to import personal use quantities of nicotine, but it is illegal to sell nicotine in Australia.

Online lists of places where vaping is banned or illegal can be problematic, as the interpretation as well and the restrictions and penalties vary greatly and often are not properly detailed. For instance, in some countries a ‘ban’ on e-cigs means there is a restriction on buying and selling vape products, such as Brazil or Argentina, but not on their use, which is permitted in areas where you can smoke cigarettes. You will see many Argentinian and Brazilian vapers on Instagram, suggesting that it is common and permitted even though their sale and purchase is not. Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam & Brunei on the other hand have some of the strictest laws regarding e-cigarettes, their use and sale being entirely illegal, where simply being in possession of e-liquid or a device can lead to a hefty fine or jail time (up to 10 years in Thailand).

Malaysia often appears on lists where vaping is banned due to obscure laws, but happens to be one of the leading exporters of e-liquid in the world and home to hundreds of vape shops and host to International Vape Expos. Check out our Malaysian range here.

Often banned and restricted lists display countries that have restrictions on advertising and sale to minors, limits for bottle or tank sizes, nicotine strength or sale, places where you can vape, or how or if you can sell vape products. As every country is different, we recommend not using these lists as an initiator of whether vaping is permitted in these countries, but to research each country you are travelling to specifically and investigate there laws, restrictions, penalties and etiquette independently to get an accurate idea of whether or how you can use your devise without issue.

Do your research

We recommend doing your own research before embarking. A good place to start is consulting with other vapers in community forums and groups. This is a good way to get advice from vapers who may have already been to these countries, and can provide tips and advice for travelling with vape products from experience. Researching the laws in your destination country is a must. Some key things to look at if you are having difficulty determining the laws and if you can vape in a country is whether they host international vape expos, if there are vape companies located there, if there are vapers in those counties on social media, and if there are vape shops in the country.

Happy travels!

*Please note this is general advice only, Vapora is not an authority on international vaping regulations