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Top vape Kits for Salt Nicotine Liquids in 2021

May 17, 2021

Over the past few years, Salt Nicotine has been becoming more and more popular for vapers. Many find the high strength liquid combined with low power devices to be their most suitable vaping style. So we have put together this guide for the best kits to use with salt nicotine liquids.

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Uwell Caliburn & Caliburn Koko

Uwell Caliburn Vape Pen and Uwell Koko Vape Pod

No surprises here the Uwell Caliburn & Uwell Koko have been around for quite some time and have cemented themselves as the best simple pods on kits on the market. Both Kits perform identically featuring 520mah batteries and two 2ml pod options along with a sleek simple design. The Caliburn boasts a simple one-button design and the Koko an even simpler buttonless design. The 1.2ohm and 1.4ohm pods give a super smooth vape with excellent flavour and most customers have told us they usually get 1-2weeks to use out of them before they burn out. The combination of quality and simplicity have made the Caliburn & Koko kits some of the best selling vape devices of all time. Even quite a while after their release they are still some of the best kits to use with salt nicotine liquids.

Geekvape Aegis Vape Pod

GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit

GeekVape Aegis Vape line products are known for their highly durable rugged designs and the Aegis Pod is the perfect heavy-duty device to use salt nicotine liquids in. The Aegis Pod features an 850mah battery and 3.5ml e-liquid capacity & simple single-button design packed into a shockproof and dustproof chassis. The 0.6ohm mesh G-Coil gives excellent flavour and long coil life. Geekvape has hit another winner with the Aegis Pod creating a great heavy-duty device that’s perfect for salt nicotine e-liquids.

Vaporesso VM Stick 18

Vaporesso VM Stick 18 Vape Pen
Since pod kits hit the market a few years back we have been seeing less and less pen-style vape kits on the market. The Vaporesso VM Stick 18 Vape Pen is one of the few new pen-style kits going around and it’s an absolute beauty. Featuring a 1200mah battery, 2ml tank with adjustable airflow and 2 coil options with a 1ohm ceramic coil and 0.6ohm mesh coil. The 1om ceramic coil gives really good coil life but our customers have generally preferred the flavour from the 0.6ohm mesh coil. With its low power output, the Vaporesso VM Stick 18 is a great option for an old-school pen style kit that you can use salt nicotine liquids in.

Vaporesso PM80 & Vaporesso PM 80 SE

Vaporesso PM 80 & PM80 SE

The Vaporesso PM80 & Vaporesso PM80SE Vape are the best examples of new “Pod Mod” style kits a combination between the newer pod-style kits and older style variable wattage kits. These two kits can do it all they both feature a 4ml pod, viable wattage and colourised display. The PM80 has a 2200mah inbuilt battery and PM80 SE takes a single 18650 external battery. Vaporesso PM80 & PM80SE utilise the new GTX Coils with a whopping 7 different coil options the PM80 & PM80SE can be used comfortably between 8w and 60w meaning these kits are great for both Salt Nicotine and Freebase e-liquids. In our experience, all of the GTX coils give excellent flavours and pretty decent coil life too.