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Top Summer Vape Tips for 2021

May 17, 2021

With summer in full swing and Australia experiencing record-breaking heatwaves we thought it's a good time for us to give you a few tips about things you can do to keep your summer vaping experience as satisfying as possible. 

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat on your e-Liquid Vape Juice.

Sunlight and heat can both affect the quality of your e-liquid. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause flavours to change and not in a good way. Also if you are vaping with nicotine prolonged exposure of nicotine liquid to sunlight can cause it to rapidly degrade meaning you will get a harsher vape with a reduced nicotine hit. Now obviously it isn't practical to keep your e-liquid vape juice completely out of the sunlight and exposure for short periods of time shouldn't cause any issues. So we recommend if you are going to be outside in the sun for long periods of time making sure your tank is shielded from the sun when not in use to make sure the quality of your juice doesn’t drop. 

2. Keep your Vape device in a cool or dark place. 

When vape liquid is heated it becomes thinner is summertime this can translate to your device leaking. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about these as most vape devices aren’t designed for liquids that have been thinned due to the heat. So the only real solution for this issue is to keep your device cool if this isn't possible the best advice we can offer to be prepared make sure have paper towel/tissues/wipes handy for when you do get some leakage and make sure to store your vape in something you don't mind getting a bit of e-liquid in.

3. Ensure that your collections are summer-themed e-juice.

Vape juice with summer flavour was not just designed to taste tropical, Menthol, fruity and refreshing but also to give viscosity edge over other e-liquids used in the season. Check out our collections for summer vape juice from brands like ZAP! Summer, Sticky Fingers Granny, Bogan Brews, Drifter and Mr Wicky and more

4. Always carry a spare Vape Battery.

When your device heats up battery performance can become an issue as when devices run hot their batteries don't perform as well as in cool conditions. Once again this can be unavoidable at times as it's hard to keep your vape battery cool when it's scorching. So as always make sure to be prepared if you are going to be vaping in hot conditions by bringing a second device or set of spare batteries with you.