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Top Pod Vapes for 2021

May 17, 2021

2019 was truly the year of the Pod Vape with huge growth in the Market for Pod Style kits and the release of dozens of new Pod Style kits. We think 2020 is going to be another big year for Pod Vapes so we’ve put together this guide for our top 2021 Pod Starter Kits.

Uwell Caliburn/ Uwell Koko

UWELL Calliburn Vapora

The Uwell Caliburn is currently the undisputed heavyweight champion of the pod vape world. At Vapora we have sold more Caliburn's than any other kit we have ever stocked and the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The Uwell Koko is the Caliburn's shorter fatter baby brother the way they perform is very similar with both kits utilising the same 2ml pods and 520mah battery. The only real differences between the two are the shape of the two devices and the fact that the Koko is a buttonless device that relies solely on airflow activation. If you are starting out vaping you want a super easy super reliable pod kit you'll struggle to do better than a Caliburn or Koko kit. Or if you are an experienced vaper and you want a more simple pod option that your everyday vape then the Caliburn and Koko have you covered too. 

iJoy Neptune

iJoy Neptune Vapora Australia

The release for the iJoy Neptune Pod has been somewhat underwhelming since they were released in late 2019 we have not been able to get replacement pods for the Neptune so we have advised customers against buying them due to the lack of coils available. This has been a real shame as we think the Neptune is one of the finest basic pod kits on the market and probably the only challenger to the Caliburn's dominance of the basic pod market. In the past few weeks, we have received word from iJoy that the production issues around the Neptune pods have been resolved and the pod will be easily available in Australia in the near future. We think once this happens the iJoy should go on to be one of the most popular pod kits available in Australia and a must-try for any pod vapers. 

Uwell Crown Pod

Ucrown Pod Kit Vapora

Do you already own a Caliburn? Do you like it but wish it had a bit more power? Then look no further than the Uwell Crown Pod. Featuring a bigger 3ml pod and beefed up 1250mah built-in battery while sticking with the simple one-button design that made the Caliburn so popular. We have only been stocking the Crown Pod for a very short period of time but all the customer feedback so far been excellent not to mention we are loving vaping them ourselves. 

voopoo vinici/voopoo vinci x 

Voopoo Vinci x Pod Kit Vapora

2019 was a big year for pod vapes with the release of many new more advanced pod kits featuring variable wattage and other features that had previously only been available in Sub Ohm Vape Kits. Voopoo has been at the forefront of these developments with the Vinci & Vinci X Pod Vape Kits for batteries the Vinci features a 1500mah built-in battery and the Vinci X utilises a single 18650 removable battery. The batteries are where the differences end with both featuring variable wattage, a massive 5ml e-liquid capacity & LED display screen. The Voopoo Vinci & Voopoo Vinci x are an excellent option for any pod vapers looking for highly customisable vaping experience or for Sub Ohm vapers who want a Pod Vaping experience that is more similar to what they are used to.  

GeekVape Aegis Boost 

Geek Vape Mod Pod Vapora

The GeekVape Aegis line has been the go-to for vapers who work in a rugged environment or are just generally rough with their vape gear. Now GeekVape Aegis finish to a pod kit featuring a shockproof & dustproof and water-resistant design the GeekVape Aegis Boost is easily the most durable pod kit on the market. Combined with this heavy-duty design it performs excellently with a 1500mah built-in battery, 3.7ml pod capacity and variable wattage. All of this makes the Aegis Boost a must-have for any vapers looking for a feature-packed & durable pod vape.