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Top 5 Summer E-Liquid Flavours for 2021

May 17, 2021

Looking for a great summer vape juice flavour? Some flavours go better in summer than others so we have put together this list of our most popular vape juice e Liquid flavours for this summer. 

Ice Lemonade 

Ice Lemonade e liquid


An all year round top seller but this one flies out in especially large quantities over the summer. Just like a big glass of sprite with ice, the Empire Brew Ice Lemonade is sweet yet cool and refreshing and his the spot perfectly for many vapers on a hot summer day. A must try all year round but especially when the temperature rises.

Bula Boso

Bula Boso e liquid

Creamy yet super refreshing. Bula Boso vape juice flavour goes down great on a summer day. A combination of creamy coconut riper strawberries and a biscuit twist based on the traditional drink from the pacific islands. A must try for any vaper looking for a refreshing but still creamy summer vape liquid.

Drifter Watermelon

Drifter Watermelon e Liquid

Classic summer watermelon with a cool twist. Drifter Watermelon e Liquid Flavour is a new Vape Juice addition to Vapora but has already proved to be a big hit this summer. Starting with a sweet refreshing watermelon base with a perfect balance of an icy menthol finish, the Drifter Watermelon goes down like a treat on a hot day. A must try for any fruity, menthol and icy vapers. 

Sugoi Vapor Ryu

RYO e liquid

What do you get when you combine a bunch of delicious summer fruits? An awesome summer e-liquid obviously! Sugoi Vapor Ryu is a combo of dragon fruit, lychee and kiwi with light cooling for a fruity Japanese themed summer e-liquid. An excellent option for the fruit vape lovers. 

Screamo Mango 

Screamo Mango eLiquid

Another all year round best seller but who can argue with the combination for stunning natural mango and ice on a hot summer day? A great option for any fruit or icy vape fans or anybody really, we’ve found very few vapers who haven’t liked the screamo mango e liquid flavour!