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The Top 10 Vapes of 2021

Nov 22, 2021

Uwell Caliburn & Caliburn Koko

The Uwell Caliburn and Caliburn Koko kits have been around for quite some time now, but they just keep on keeping on. At Vapora, we don’t think the Caliburn of Caliburn Koko will be going out of style anytime soon and they’re sure some of the top vape kits for 2021!

Boasting a 2mL pod capacity & 520mAh battery, the Caliburn features dual method firing, meaning users can use the button to fire the Caliburn or just inhale for air flow activated firing. The Koko has a buttonless airflow activated design. The Uwell Caliburn and Koko Pod Starter Kits pack all these features in a sleek design with Uwell's market-leading build quality. All of this makes the Uwell Caliburn and Koko Starter Kits some of the best pod starter kits on the market. Replacement pods for the Uwell Caliburn Koko can be found here.

Uwell Caliburn G & Koko Krime

The Uwell Caliburn G and Koko Prime continue on from their legendary predecessors for 2021. Now we will be the first to admit that if you are using an original Caliburn or Koko, the Caliburn G or Koko Prime probably aren’t going to knock your socks off as it’s very hard to improve on some of the greatest vape starter kits of all time.

But the Caliburn G & Koko Prime do have some subtle improvements. The replacement coil design rather than using replaceable pods combined with a power increase has led to some improvement in flavour production, and customers have been quite favourable to the Caliburn G & Koko Prime as a result. However, the replaceable coil design can be a bit of a downfall, as well as the process for changing coils is slightly more complicated and messier. We are still on the fence about whether the Caliburn G & Koko Prime will outshine the original Caliburn & Koko but one thing is for certain they are hugely popular in 2021.

Vaporesso Xros

The Vaporesso Xros hit the scene in late 2020 and has done well without ever matching the popularity of its competitors from Uwell. We have struggled a bit to understand why the Xros has not been a massively popular kit as, at Vapora, we are huge fans. The 2mL capacity pods give excellent flavour and have good lifespan and Vaporesso have done very well to manage to fit a 800mAh battery into such a small kit and the air flow slider is another feature that really sets the Xros apart from the competition.

Uwell Valyrian Pod Kit

It’s quite obvious that Uwell are on top of the world of pod-style vape kits at the moment and the Valyrian Pod Kit further emphasises this. The Valyrian Pod is a bigger unit than a lot of it’s competitors but it boasts a bigger 3mL eliquid capacity and a much bigger 1250mAh battery, giving it excellent range. Plus, the Valyrian certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to flavour with the mesh coils giving flavour comparable to any of Uwell’s other pod style kits. While the vape market has trended more towards smaller pod kits lately, for those that need something with a bigger battery, the Valyrian Pod Kit is a great option for 2021.

Uwell Aegelos Pod Mod Kit

With Uwell’s dominance of the basic pod kit market being firmly established in 2020, in 2021 they have turned their attention to making more feature-packed variable wattage pod mod style kits. And with their first attempt, the Uwell Aegelos Pod Mod Kit, they’ve nailed it.

Boasting a 1500mAh battery, 3.5mL eliquid capacity and utilising the new Aegelos coils, the Aegelos Pod Mod Kit can comfortably handle both mouth to lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL) vaping and gives excellent flavour, however you choose to use it. We are excited to see Uwell enter the pod mod sector of the vape industry and think the Uwell Aegelos Pod Mod Kit is a huge hit in 2021.

Vaporesso Gen Nano Kit

2020 saw the unfortunate end of the Vaporesso Tarot Nano — one of our all time favourite and top-selling kits at Vapora. We were pretty sad when we found out the Tarot Nano Kit was no longer in production. But that sadness went out the window once we came across the Vaporesso Gen Nano Kit.

Boasting a 2000mAh battery and 3.5mL e-liquid capacity, the Gen Nano uses the Vaporesso GTX coil, giving you a heap of different coil options that can be used for MTL or DL vaping or anything in between. For those who want something compact but still a mod style kit, the Vaporesso Gen Nano is a great option in 2021.

Vaporesso GTX One

There aren’t many pen-style vape kits on the market in 2021 and while the Vaporesso GTX One isn’t technically a pen kit, its slimline design makes it very close. Featuring a 2000mAh battery and 3.5mL tank, the GTX One is designed specifically for MTL vaping, with small drip tip and tight air flow. The GTX One Kit uses the Vaporesso GTX coils, giving a heap of different coil options, all of which have excellent flavour and good coil life. If you are looking for a pen-style vape kit, unfortunately there aren’t many options in 2021, but the Vaporesso GTX One Kit is a great alternative.

Vopoo Argus Pod Mod & Argus Pro Pod Mod

The Vopoo Argus Pod Mod and Argus Pro Pod Mod hit the market in the first week of 2021 and established themselves as some of the best starter kits on the market. The Voopoo Argus Pod Mod Kit boasts a 1500mAh battery with the Argus Pro Pod Mod featuring a 3000mAh battery. Both utilise the 4.5mL PNP pod tank with the Argus Pod Mod also coming with a 2mL MTL pod as well. They also both feature the latest in the Voopoo GENE Chip line for super-fast-firing and excellent battery life, as well as Voopoo’s market leading highly durable build quality.

Vaporesso Gen

The Vaporesso Gen is certainly not new for 2021 (well unless you consider all the cool new colourways) but there simply isn’t anything that’s been able to knock it off it’s position as king of dual-battery mods. Everything about the Gen is quality: it fires super quick, has great battery management, is highly reliable and the rubberised exterior means it feels great in the hand. We really can’t see anything coming and knocking the Gen off this late in 2021.

HorizonTech Falcon 2

The HorizonTech Falcon 2 was released in early 2020, but for most of 2020 HorizonTech were beset with production issues struggling to meet demand for Falcon 2 tanks and coils. This meant the Falcon 2 tank was not readily available and when they were, finding replacement coils could be a problem. Although HorizonTech really got their act together in the later part of 2020 with Falcon 2 coils and tanks in steady supply.

Since the Falcon 2 has become readily available, it has become one of the most highly regarded Sub Ohm tanks on the market with amazing flavour, excellent coil life and a generally hassle-free design. The Falcon 2 had a false start in 2020 but it’s certain to be one of the top Sub Ohm tanks for 2021.