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The Best E-Liquid Brands of 2021

May 17, 2021

E-liquids are the most important ingredients to an amazing vaping experience. No matter what equipment you have, vaping means absolutely nothing within a top class E-liquid in the chamber. It would be like investing in a top of the range oven and cooking simple, bland meals in it all year round. 

Similarly, sticking with the same E-liquid week in week out also limits your vaping experience dramatically. Sticking with the food metaphor, this would be like finding a dish you really like and then eating it every day for the rest of your life. Your taste buds get bored and you lose the excitement surrounding the experience. Vaping should be fun, breath-taking, and most importantly, tasty! So, it is important to find an E-liquid you like, but also to broaden your horizons and continually try new things. There are new releases all the time as the vaping market grows from strength to strength. While you will never be able to try every single flavour, why not give it a go anyway!

To give you a head start on the latest trends, popular E-liquids, and where you should start your new vaping journey, we have compiled a list of the very best products from 2019. While the year is not quite over, this will also give you some time to order some of our E-liquid tips as Christmas presents for your friends or  loved ones that vape. Or perhaps you just want to treat yourself! 

Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady - Vapora Starting from the very top! Our best E-liquid brand of 2019 is… Dinner Lady! The appeal of this E-liquid brand begins before you even open the bottle, with some of the most eye-catching, colourful, and aesthetically pleasing packaging known to man. And what’s inside does not fail to live up to the outward appearance. While the bright bottles catch the eye, the flavours within certainly catch the tongue and leave you desperate for more! For retro vibes, the Tuck Shop range from Dinner Lady takes all your favourite flavours from sweets of years gone by, transporting them into an E-liquid version. Watermelon slices, bubble gum, sweet fusion, apple sours, lemon sherbets and more, the Tuck Shop treats are perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth. Dinner Lady’s other fruit lines include melon, purple rain, berry blast, pink weave, and more. What is perhaps even more impressive than the flavours themselves is Dinner Lady’s ability to come up with such a wide range of incredible new, interesting, and unique E-liquids for you to try. While Dinner Lady is still in its infancy as a brand, it has already appeared on BBC television and in the Huffington Post, as well as winning numerous awards around the globe. Dinner Lady products can even be found stocked in a whopping 96 countries! Try it before the year is out and thank us later.

Other incredible mentions from 2019:

Ice Monster 

Ice Monster e juice - VaporaI
t’s not all about the flavour when it comes to vaping, as different E-liquids also have different feels to them. While the Ice Monster range is definitely up there with some of the tastiest around, the name also rings true once you load it into your device. The ice cold vape is a treat for all senses and comes in a variety of flavours, including guava, apple, and melon. Certainly a unique brand of E-liquid and definitely one you have to try at least once. The likelihood is that you will become hooked as soon as you do!



On first glance, Pachamama E-liquids look extremely fancy, and what lies within the packaging lives up to that image. However, the Pachamama range does not come with a fancy price tag, as their E-liquids are very competitively priced. This company like to stick within the fruity flavour market, which is why they do it as well as anyone out there. Are perfecting their flavouring over the years, they now have a solid range of some of the most flavoursome E-liquids on the market right now, hence why we are ranking them as one of the best in 2019. Strawberry nectarine, guava, papaya, pineapple, pear, blood oranges, bananas, gooseberry, passionfruit, raspberry, Pachamama does it all! If you are looking for a fruity kick that leaves a lasting impression, then look no further than this brand.

Byron Bay Cloud Co

E-juice Vapora
Vaping is all about the wacky, and Byron Bay Cloud Co bring that in abundance with their range of vape juices. For those of you who want to try flavours that are nothing close to anything you have vaped before, this is the place for you. Unless you have already tried a milk and cereal E-liquid that is. That’s right, you read it correctly, you can now load up some E-liquid and vape your own breakfast. Not only this, but Byron Bay also offer the unique flavours of blueberry custard pie and peanut butter crunch. However, if you are not as adventurous with your flavours, do not fear, Byron Bay still has you covered. They also excel in fruit numbers such as orange juice, peaches and pineapple, strawberry banana, and much more.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust 

Chalk bust by name and gold dust by nature. It’s hard to come across a range of E-liquids this good! Definitely a brand for the adventurers among you, as a number of the Charlie’s Chalk Dust vape juices don’t give a lot away by name alone. Would you like to vape Black Ice? Dare to try a Head Banging Boogie? Or perhaps Wonder Worm? Trust us, put your fears aside, try some, and you will not be disappointed.

Monster Vape

Definitely one of the most unique brands in terms of packaging, and the vape juices themselves will grab your attention just as much. Mango, crème scotch, sweet and sour, and vanilla custard, the Monster Vape range is a must-try for any vape enthusiast.

Candy King

All of your favourite candy tastes packed into an interesting E-liquid range. Candy King takes flavours like juice belts and juice squares and converts them into vapable alternatives. Allow yourself to be transported back to the times of retro sweets, whilst vaping in 2019.

Yami Vapor

One of the finest brands that Asia has to offer, Yami Vapor simply has to be on your to-do list before the year is out. Just as it’s always interesting to try cuisines from around the world, it can be just as eye-opening to do the same with vape juices. From Butter Brew to Milkgat, Shaka, and Taruto, you definitely will not have vaped anything like this before.

Fruit Monster

Fruity flavours made to make your eyes pop and your taste buds sing. Fruit Monster is one of the top fruit brands of 2019, in our opinion, and should definitely make its way into your next shopping cart!

Sugoi Vapor

Inspired by Asian themes, Sugoi Vapor brand is actually made in the US and is one of the top vapes coming out of the States right now. If you’re looking for a fruity taste then give Ryu or Rei a try, or step into the unknown with the unique but incredible Yume E-liquid.

Shijin Vapor

While Shijin offers some top of the range sweet-based fruit flavours such as Gummy O Apple Rings and Peach Rings, it also offers something rather unique. If you are only going to try one new flavour between now and the new year, why not make it Tortoise Blood On Ice?

Met4 Vapor

While there is only one Met4 E-liquid up for sale on Vapora, don’t let that put you off. Golden Ticket by name, this vape juice will have you feeling as lucky as Charlie Bucket on his way to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!

ZAP Juice

While ZAP provide some incredible popular flavours like melon, guava, and lemonade, they also make some you are not likely to see anywhere else on the market. Do you know what Aisu Cactus tastes like? What about Golden Pomelo? Or perhaps you want to sit back and enjoy the vape of a nice glass of ginger ale, cider, or even a refreshing cucumber.