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Staying Hydrated While Vaping

Mar 16, 2020

Can vaping cause dehydration?

Any experienced vaper will tell you that vaping can cause dehydration and in our personal experience, it’s the only negative side effect of vaping that we have first-hand experience of. All E-Liquids are made from a PG/VG (Vegetable Glycerin/Propylene Glycol) base; these two ingredients can absorb moisture out of your body when inhaled. So it is important to make sure that you are replacing any hydration you have lost through vaping. Dehydration can cause headaches, dry mouth and other more serious issues. So we have put together this guide to help you guys stay hydrated while vaping. 

Drink Lots Water

Duh? Yeah, we know. This a pretty simple one if water is what your body needs it what it gets. The old adage goes: 8 cups of water a day is enough to keep the average person hydrated but if you are vaping you may want to bump that up by a few glasses. Some people prefer to drink their water at room temperature as it can be easier for your body to digest than cold water. 

Try different PG/VG ratios 

The PG/VG base in the E-liquid can affect hydration levels when vaping. Usually, VG is more hygroscopic meaning it is more likely to absorb moisture from your system but like everything to do with vaping PG/VG ratios and hydration change from vaper to vaper. For this reason, we recommend if you are having problems with staying hydrated while vaping, that you try a couple of different PG/VG ratios to see what works best for you. 

Watch what other beverages you consume while vaping. 

Drink Water when Vaping

Other drinks can compound dehydration caused by vaping. Coffee, in particular, is a diuretic meaning it will remove more fluid from your body that you are taking in other caffeinated drinks and soft drinks can have a similar effect. So we recommend if you are drinking any of these drinks while vaping make sure you are increasing your water intake as well. Alcoholic beverages can also cause and exacerbate dehydration when combined with vaping. Obviously a few stiff drinks and a vape is a favourite pastime for many vapers so if you are drinking alcohol and vaping we recommend having a glass of water between every alcoholic Beverage. 

Dry Mouth 

Dry mouth can be a symptom of dehydration it can also happen independently of dehydration when vaping. The best solution we have found for dry mouth (apart from re-hydrating and waiting) is to use Biotene. Biotene comes in a mouthwash, spray or gel and helps alleviate dry mouth. You can buy it at your local chemist. 

That’s it for now folks. If you have any other tips or solutions feel free to drop us a line as we are always on the lookout.