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How To Prime & Break In Sub Ohm Coils

Aug 12, 2017

Priming and breaking in your coils will ensure you coils last longer and perform better, giving better flavour and a smoother vape. Most vapers just fill their tank and let it sit for a few minutes. Here are a few tips & tricks to ensure your coils are primed nicely. 

1. Priming you coil to kick start the wicking process. We recommend putting a few drops of eliquid into the top section of your coil as well as on the feed slots on the side of the coil. This will start of the wicking process.

2. Fill the tank let it sit. Once you have primed your coil fill you tank and let it sit for a few minutes this gives time for the coil to really soak up the liquid and will reduce the chance of getting any dry hits.

3. Dry Hits. Once you have let the tank sit we recommend taking a few puffs without firing. This draws eliquid into the coil and once again helps with the wicking process. Just be careful to not go overboard and don't take more than 5 puffs, as too many can lead to your coil flooding.

4. Ramp it up. Check you coils firing range which can be found on the side of the coil. Start below the firing range, so if the range of the coil is for example 30w – 50w we recommend you start firing at 15w take a few puffs and then bump the wattage up a few watts and then take a few more puffs. Keep doing this until you get to your desired wattage. This process of ramping up the wattage helps break in the coil and will ensure you get that good flavour.