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How to Choose a Vape Flavour?

Jun 29, 2021

Choosing an e-juice flavour can be as daunting as choosing one dish from an all-you-can-eat buffet on an empty stomach. There are just so many things to try! But don’t get overwhelmed. Choosing a vape flavour should be an enjoyable experience. Start with single flavours and gradually get mixed ones. Take time and savour each one you try to fully enjoy the variety that we have on offer.

Types of Vape Juice Flavours

To help you on your juicy adventure, we’ve put together this vape juice flavours list based on 5 flavour categories.

Fruity Vape Juice Flavours

Fruity flavours are the best-sellers of the bunch! They are well-loved for their sweet, tangy, and familiar taste. That’s probably why every brand offers a flavour for each type of fruit, in single flavours or in mixed concoctions. You can explore different flavours mixed with your favourite fruit! You might like a mango vape juice such as Pachamama Mango Pitaya Pineapple and love it when mixed with other fruit flavours like Fruit Monster e juice Mango Peach Guava. You may even prefer it mixed with an icy mango flavour like Monsta Vape Juice Screamo Mango.

You can also try these other fruity e-juice flavours:

Creamy, Milky & Dessert eLiquid Flavours

Imagine devouring your favourite creamy milky desserts without the extra calories. Guess what? You can! You can find everything that is served in a dessert shop in an e liquid flavour. There’s a wide selection of choices available, from classic desserts such as Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Vape Juice to milkshakes like Byron Bay Cloud Co. Chocolate Milk e-liquid.

Satisfy your cravings with these dessert juices:

Candy eJuice Flavour

These are made especially for your sweet tooth! You’ll be amazed how many of your favourite candies have an equivalent vape flavour. Think about jelly beans (Doozy Vape Co Lime Jelly Beans) and red Starburst Chews (Dinner Lady Fruits Berry Blast)! You can now enjoy them without the risk of cavities or a stomach ache.

Taste your childhood with this candy vape flavour list:

Tobacco eLiquid Flavour

This kind of flavour particularly appeals to smokers who are transitioning from traditional tobacco to vaping. Since they’ve just switched to e-cigarettes, it can be hard for them to shake off their cravings for that tobacco taste. However, once you start to become comfortable with vaping, you can transition to sweet blended tobacco flavours such as Doozy Vape Co Golden Elixir before completely transitioning away to other flavours.

Try these flavourful tobacco blends:

Icy, Mint & Menthol eJuice Flavour

If you love the feeling of freshness in your mouth, then these kinds of juices are perfect for you! Icy, mint and menthol flavours are so good because they’re typically infused with other types of juices. You can have them with fruity (Monsta Vape Juice Screamo Mango), dessert (Sydney Vape Co Iced Mocha), and candy flavours (Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple)!

Refresh your mouth with these vape flavours:

The best way to choose an e-juice flavour is according to your personal taste. Select your preferred flavour and pick out your favourite variation. We hope you enjoy our top picks! All these e liquid flavours can be found on Vapora Vape Shop. Shop now!