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How Do I Make My Vape Coil Last Longer?

Nov 22, 2021

A vape coil is a spiral wire wrapped around the wicking material in your device. It's one of the essential components of a vape device since it's responsible for heating your e-liquid, turning it into the vapour you enjoy inhaling.

But because most vape juices leave a thin film residue when they vaporise, your coil gets covered in the build-up, clogging your device or burning up your coils. When this happens you will need to purchase new coils to suit your vape, such as Vaporesso GT or NRG coils. However, you can also make sure you’re getting the most out of your Vaporesso coil before you need to start looking for a replacement.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

A new coil should last you between one to two weeks. But essentially, different types of coils have different shelf lives. As Vaporesso coils are a premium vape coil, you can expect to get a little more time out of them. However, vaping at a higher temperature will use up your coil faster than usual. Therefore, our tip is to reduce your vape device's wattage to offset the temperature.

Another factor to be aware of though is the type of e-juice you use. Vape liquids with a high sweetener or colour content build up over time and can easily clog up your coils.

How Often Should I Change My Vape Coil?

While you should replace your coil every one to two weeks, regularly cleaning your device can also extend the life of your vape coils. Cleaning and maintaining your device is a great way to extend the usable life of all parts of your vape. How often you need to clean and maintain it, though, depends on your vaping habits.

For example, if you vape several times a day, every day, you should be regularly cleaning your vape and replacing the coil every week or so. But if you vape only occasionally, you might be able to get away with replacing your coil once a month.

Signs of a Bad Vape Coil

There are some very obvious signs to watch out for in order to know when you need to clean or replace your coil.
  • Burnt Taste - You can never miss a burnt taste. It tastes very far from your e-liquid. Instead, you'll get a hit that feels burned on your throat; you'll be coughing a lot and you won’t get to enjoy your e-juice’s unique flavour.
  • Flavour Ghosting - If you taste traces of your previous e-juice flavours mixing up with your current one, then there's too much build-up on your coil. This phenomenon is also called "flavour ghosting", and what you're actually tasting is the residue left from your old vape juice.
  • Gurgling Noise - Spoilt vape coils sometimes leak e-liquid. If this has happened, you'll hear a gurgling or bubbling noise when you inhale.

So What Are Some Ways to Make My Coil Last Longer?

Vaping may be less expensive than smoking, but the cost of coils and juices can still add up. If you want to save up and not be always buying replacement coils, then try these tricks to extend your Vaporesso coil’s lifespan.

Stop Chain Vaping

You may not know this, but taking multiple puffs in a row will quickly dry out the coil, increasing its chances of burning. This is because when your coil is dry, the cotton tends to burn, producing that awful burnt smell and taste. To prevent this from happening, wait a little while in between hits.

Prime Your Coils

Another way of increasing the life of your vape coil is priming it. You can do this by soaking your new coil with a few drops of e-liquid before using it. Priming your new coil before vaping is essential in maintaining your vaping device. It prepares your coil for use and prevents it from burning up.

Clean Your Coils

Don't throw out your coil as soon as it tastes funny. You may still be able to salvage it by giving it a good clean. You'll be able to vape with it longer, and you'll be saving a few bucks with a bit of effort. However, it's crucial to know that not all vape coils can be cleaned. For example, coils in pod systems are not accessible and are impossible to clean without breaking them. You can only replace them once they're spent.

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