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Guide to Vaping Headaches: What Causes Them & How to Manage Them

May 23, 2022

Can Vaping E-Cigarette Kits Give You a Headache?

Does your head ever feel sore, foggy or achy when you vape? Don't worry; it's more common than you think. "Vaping headaches" are a frequent side effect amongst e-cigarette users. Some even reported having these headaches as soon as they started vaping with their first e-cigarette starter kit. Luckily, they're often described as only a dull pain. Although symptoms can vary from person to person, a few people also experience severe migraines from vaping.

What Causes Vaping Headaches?


Do you ever get that dry feeling in your mouth after you vape? That's your body reminding you to hydrate. Your vape juice consists of two key ingredients, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), and both can make you dehydrated. When you get dehydrated, you may find yourself with a headache. This could be the cause behind your vaping headaches, particularly on hot days where you may be sweating more or if you’ve been especially active.

Propylene Glycol (PG) Sensitivity

Along with dehydrating you, some people report a sensitivity to propylene glycol, leading to headaches. You may be able to narrow down this cause if you’ve ever had a similar response to any number of foods that use PG as a preservative.

E-liquid Ingredients

Vape juices typically include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavouring, among other ingredients. This flavouring and any additional ingredients varies by brand. However, any number of these may be causing your headache.

3 Super-Easy Ways to Prevent Vaping Headaches

Now that you know the possible causes of these headaches, it's easier to find ways to prevent them from happening.

Drink Plenty of Water

To combat dehydration, it's always a good idea to drink extra water whenever you intend to vape. The average adult needs roughly 3 litres of water a day, but this can vary depending on the climate and what you’ve been doing. This includes if you’re vaping a lot. You might find it handy to carry a water bottle with you, so you can stay hydrated wherever you go.

Read the Labels on Your E-liquids

Different e-cigarette juice brands use various ratios of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. This can even change between different flavours. Since PG can cause vaping headaches, vaping a lower PG juice will undoubtedly be helpful. You can find out about the PG/VG ratio of any e-juice by looking at the label on the bottle.

Similarly, read the ingredients list of any e-juices to identify anything that could be triggering your headaches. You may need to look at a number of e-juices and closely monitor your responses when vaping them to narrow down exactly what is giving you the headache.

Switch to a Different Flavour

Vape flavours trigger our cravings and make vaping exciting. However, depending on the formula and ingredients, it may also be the cause of those headaches. So, if you've been getting a headache after vaping a new flavour, you may want to give it up and switch to a different taste. You can often find similar flavours if you don’t want to give up your favourite tastes, just make sure the culprit ingredient isn’t also present in your new flavour.

4 Tried-&-Tested Methods for Treating & Getting Rid of Vaping Headaches

But what should you do when you already have a vaping headache? Generally, vaping headaches are mild enough to treat at home.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Since dehydration is typically the cause of many vaping headaches, rehydration is the obvious solution. Try drinking water or sports drinks with additional minerals and electrolytes to help you feel better sooner. You must also avoid beverages that can make you dehydrated, such as coffee and alcohol, if you want that headache to get moving.

Have a Rest

Resting can do wonders for getting over any type of illness, from colds, stomach bugs and headaches. Take a quick nap, and you'll likely feel refreshed and freefrom your headache when you wake up.

Take an Over-the-Counter Pain (OTC) Reliever

An over-the-counter pain reliever, like Panadol (paracetamol) or Nurofen (ibuprofen) will quickly alleviate your headache. These pain medications are generally safe enough to take every now and then, but it's good to be cautious about doing this too often. If you’re needing to frequently take pain medication, this could be a sign that your headaches are caused by something other than vaping. It’s best to consult your doctor if this is the case. Similarly, long-term regular use of pain medications can increase your blood pressure and risk of heart disease. So, it’s definitely a case of prevention is the best medicine when treating vaping headaches.

Apply an Ice Pack or Cold Compress

An ice pack or cold compress, placed against your head, will help numb the pain. Do not place the ice pack directly against your skin; ensure it is wrapped in a towel or cloth to avoid damage to your skin and nearby nerves.

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