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Everything You Need to Know About Nicotine Vapes in Australia

Jan 13, 2022

Since October 2021, you can only buy or import nicotine vaping products from overseas websites for personal therapeutic purposes. With that said, you can still purchase nicotine vaping products with a valid prescription from an Australian-registered GP.

Buying Nicotine in Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has implemented new vaping laws that require customers importing nicotine vaping products in Australia to have a valid prescription from an Australian-registered general practitioner or specialist doctor.

How to Get a Prescription for Nicotine

  • Contact Your Local Doctor

Before you obtain a doctor's prescription, they may ask you first to try other nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs), such as sprays, patches, lozenges, chews and gums. These are different tools to help quit nicotine that do not require prescriptions.

  • Visit QuitClinics and Apply for a Prescription

QuitClinics is an online medical platform that offers support to Australians who want to quit smoking. They also provide a quick and easy prescription for those who rely on nicotine vaping products for smoking cessation.

Once you apply for a prescription, an Australian-registered doctor will review your forms and get in touch with you within one business day. You will then receive an electronic prescription within 24 hours.

Where to Buy Nicotine Products

If you want to purchase nicotine vaping products overseas, we recommend shopping from reputable online vaping stores. You’ll need to make sure the product matches your prescription. Additionally, ask the overseas seller to include a copy of your prescription in the package so it will easily pass through border security.

Can I Buy Nicotine Products Locally?

Since October 2021, vapers with a valid nicotine prescription from Australian-registered doctors are allowed to obtain nicotine products from local Australian pharmacies and Australian-based online pharmacies that choose to stock and sell nicotine vaping products. You can only purchase products that fit your prescription, however.

What Happens if I Order Without a Prescription?

The Australian Border Force has the power to intercept packages; they will immediately seize your non-compliant nicotine products. Furthermore, if you get caught buying or receiving nicotine vaping products without a valid prescription, you can be fined up to $222,000. Under the Customs Act 1901, this offence carries 1,000 penalty points at $222 each.

Is It Good to Vape Without Nicotine?

Most people got into vaping to wean off cigarettes and nicotine. Yet once weaned off, many vapers continue vaping even without nicotine, and there's plenty of good reasons for it.

Get Zero Nicotine Toxicity

Unlike nicotine products, all nicotine-free vape juices are safe from toxins and contain only food-grade ingredients. Technically, nicotine is a kind of toxin that tobacco plants use to ward off predators, which we use as stimulants in cigarettes. Because vaping is non-toxic, there is no fear of vaping around children or pets as it poses no hazard.

Vape With No Risk of Addiction

Nicotine is the only addictive substance that can be found in vape juices. When you take away the nicotine, you also take away its addictive power. Nicotine-free vape liquid is not made from tobacco, nor does it contain nicotine. Therefore, it is not addictive.

Experience Better Flavours

Vape flavours with no nicotine will give you better, more concentrated flavours. While nicotine is odourless, it still leaves a harsh taste, and a prickling hit on the throat. It can also dilute and compromise the level of flavouring. When you vape nicotine-free liquids, you'll get to enjoy flavours without that harsh throat hit.

Are Non-Nicotine Vapes Legal in Australia?

Yes, nicotine-free vapes are legal in Australia. While the newly introduced vaping laws by the government may seem overwhelming, we're happy to assure you that the new restrictions only apply to vaping devices and e-liquid containing nicotine.

Regulations Do Not Apply for Vapora Products

Since Vapora only sells nicotine-free vape products, you can purchase all our items without any hassle from the new Australian regulations. You won't need a valid prescription to buy any of our vaping devices, e-liquids, or juices. In other words, the vaping laws do not apply to any of our products. Continue experiencing Vapora's smooth and easy purchase and delivery when you buy our liquids and e-cigarettes with no nicotine. Shop at Vapora now and enjoy vaping nicotine-free!