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Cleaning Vape Tanks

Dec 18, 2019

Cleaning Vape Tanks

At Vapora we recommend you clean your tank out on a regular basis. Over time gunk and residue will build-up inside your tank. This residue and gunk can obstruct air-flow and eliquid flow and prevent the tank from firing as it should. It can also have quite a nasty taste, distorting the flavour of any eliquid in the tank and can also lead to coils burning out prematurely. To ensure your tank performs at its best you can follow these easy steps to clean you tank.

1 Remove the tank

The first thing you should do is carefully unscrew the tank from the battery/mod section of your vaping device and empty out any left over eliquid.

2 Take It Apart

Vape tanks come in a range of shapes and sizes, but they all essentially do the same thing and function in a similar manner. Carefully disassemble the unit so the O-rings and other parts are separated. This ensures any gunk caught in the threading or tucked away in tight corners can be removed.

3 Cleaning

If you are cleaning a brand new tank we recommend submerging the tank in a solution of isopropyl alcohol which can be found at most pharmacies. This will remove any machine oil residue from the tank. If you are just wanting to give your tank a general clean we recommend rinsing it out with water. Alternatively you can use straight PG to to rinse your tank out. Once your tank has dried off you can put it back together, install a fresh coil and resume vaping.

If you are having any trouble cleaning your tank out and need some help feel free to drop us a line.