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Can You Use the Same Coil for Different Flavours?

Jan 19, 2022

Vaporiser pens require very little maintenance, but there are a few things you can do to keep your device in great shape. One is to pay close attention to your vape coil: the spiral wire that wraps around the wicking material of the vape. The coil is an incredibly important part of the device, as this is what actually heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapour. To ensure that your vaporiser pen is operating properly, your vape coil should be cleaned regularly and replaced when appropriate. As an added bonus, a fresh vape coil means that the flavour of the vapour will be strong and undiluted, leading to a more pleasant vaping experience.

How Often Should I Change my Vape Coil?

When vape coils turn e-liquid into vapour, a thin film of leftover residue develops along the coil itself. This e-liquid residue builds up with every inhale, eventually clogging the vape pen and burning up the coil. As a result, you will probably need to change your coil every 1–2 weeks, depending on how often you vape. If you vape several times a day, we recommend that you regularly clean your vape coils and replace them every week. If you only vape occasionally, it might be more appropriate to replace your vape coils once a month. Taking several puffs of your vape in a row — a practice known as chain vaping — will quickly dry out the coil and increase its chance of burning. Wait a little while between hits to prevent the cotton wick from burning and producing a burnt taste and smell.

Another way to substantially extend the life of your coil is by cleaning it regularly. It might also be helpful to know that different types of coils have different shelf lives. For example, Vaporesso coils are premium coils and will last a little longer than standard options.

Do I Need to Change My Vape Coil When I Change Flavours?

If you’re hankering for a delicious new flavour, it’s best to change the coil before you switch to a different e-juice. This is because the e-liquid residue left on the vape coils will contain remnants of its flavour. While some flavour combinations can be nice, you don’t always want your new e-liquid flavour to be imbued with the one you had prior.

If you’re ready to switch your current e-juice for another but feel that your vape coil still has a little life in it, you can always save that coil for later. Simply keep it in a labelled zip-lock bag and use it again when you return to its associated e-juice flavour.

Another handy tip is to prime your new coil and wait five minutes before you start vaping again. This will give your cotton wick the chance to soak in the new e-juice and further enhance its flavour. Priming your coil also prepares it for use and prevents it from burning up as quickly.

How Do You Know When Your Coil Needs Changing?

If your coil needs cleaning or replacing, there are several things that will clue you in. One is that you’ll still be able to taste the flavour from the previous e-juice. Another is that you’ll notice a burnt taste when you inhale. This sensation will overshadow the flavour from your e-liquid and will even make you cough, as it often hits the back of your throat. Finally, you might notice a gurgling or bubbling sound when you inhale. This noise occurs when the spoilt vape coil leaks e-liquid. If you notice any of these things, you should clean or change your coil — even if it feels like not enough time has passed since its last replacement or clean.

Where Can I Find Good-Quality Vape Coils for Sale?

While it isn’t strictly necessary to change your vape coil when switching to a new flavour, it is highly recommended if you want to avoid aftertaste from the last e-juice you vaped. Luckily, Vapora distributes replacement vape coils all around Australia, with a selection that includes premium Vaporesso GT and NRG coils. For the greatest possible vaping experience, shop Vapora’s huge range of vape coils for sale today.