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Are All Vape Coils The Same?

Apr 22, 2022

A Guide to Different Types of Vapour Coils

Coils are an integral part of your e-cigarette kits, responsible for converting e-juice into vapour. Learning about coils gives you more control over your vaping style. Depending on your coil type, you can influence your vaping style from flavours to vapour production.

Choice of Materials

Stainless Steel Coil

Stainless steel replacement coils do well with temperature control mode or wattage mode; it's one of the most versatile coil materials when building vape mods. They're also easy to find and widely available in the market. In addition, a stainless steel coil is highly durable; it can last for over 25 years with proper care and maintenance.

Titanium Coil

Titanium coils are soft and malleable, making them easy to twist, handle and cut. They may cost more than stainless steel coils, but they also have properties that give a different vaping experience. For example, titanium coils bring out crisp and clean flavours. However, there's a discussion on how safe they are to use as titanium is used to create white sparks in fireworks. They are more flammable than other coil materials, so you must be extra careful using them. Titanium wires are compatible with temperature control modes, but, because vape products are diversifying, many mods also offer a "TC Ti" mode especially for these coils.

Kanthal Coil

Kanthal coils are a blend of iron, chromium and aluminium; they are popular in both pre-made and homemade coils. With a super quick ramp-up time, Kanthal allows for impressive vapour production. As a result, Kanthal coils are best-suited for wattage mode. Like titanium coils, Kanthal coils are soft, malleable and easy to work with, yet highly durable.

Nickel Coil

Many nickel wires may be available in the market, but if you want to use the best, go for the NI200 wire, made of 99.6% nickel alloy. The best thing about nickel coils is that they are excellent with most temperature control mods because of their low resistance. However, nickel coils shouldn't be fired for too long and are not ideal for variable wattage and variable voltage devices.

Nichrome Coil

Nichrome is an alloy made of 80% chromium and 20% nickel. These coils heat faster than Kanthal coils, increasing cloud production and giving you a pleasant, warm vape. Moreover, nichrome also protects your heating element from oxidation, which is notorious for altering the colour and taste of your vape juice. Nichrome is best used in wattage mode. This, paired with its fast ramp-up time, makes it another favourite choice with Sub-ohm vapers.

Ceramic Coil

Ceramic coils are a porous material, allowing air to pass through them easily, giving you a super smooth draw. Many find that this coil material best brings out the e-juice flavours more than other coil materials. In addition, ceramic coils can also greatly tolerate high wattages and make an ideal addition to high-powered mods. They can also last longer than cotton coils and limit dry hits.

The Resistance Level

The resistance or the "ohm" level measures how much the wire resists the amount of electrical current flowing through it. This influences the taste and cloud production of your bape; the higher the resistance, the less vapour you produce. Therefore, it's vital to measure the resistance with an Ohmmeter to ensure safety and create the desired vaping experience when building coils.

Sub-Ohm Coils

Sub-ohm coils have lower resistance, providing a warmer vapour, a slightly drier hit and bigger clouds. One thing to consider though is that you'll likely use up your vape juice faster with these coils. You'll also need to vape at a higher wattage, which can drain your battery more quickly. Therefore, if you’re going away, maybe leave the sub-ohm coil at home.

Plus-Ohm Coils

Plus-ohm coils have higher resistance, allowing steadier battery use and a cooler vape, along with producing less vapour. If you want a vape that lasts all day, then a plus-ohm coil may suit you best.

Vape Coils Types

Standard Coils

Standard coils have a horizontal orientation and come from basic Kanthal wires. These coils have wraps that do not touch one another in their most basic form.

Vertical Coils

Vertical coils are similar to standard wires, only that they have a vertical orientation. You will mostly find these coils in pre-made coil heads. They offer excellent e-liquid transfer and provide better airflow than standard coils.

Clapton Coils

Clapton coils consist of a central, thicker core and a thin wire around it. You'll also get a higher surface area, which increases your flavour and vapour production. However, Clapton coils need more ramp-up time than the simple coil types. You may have to wait for a little while from hitting the fire button to the coil getting hot.

Multiple Coils

The easiest way to improve your vape mod setup is by using more than one coil. That's why you should also consider dual, triple and quadruple coils. They bring down the setup's resistance and ramp-up times, making it possible to deliver a much higher wattage and bigger clouds.

Parallel Coils

Parallel coils are dual coils with two strands parallelly wrapped together instead of being separated. You'll get the same benefits from it as a dual coil.

Pick Your Mod Coil Type!

Choosing your coil is a critical consideration to make when picking an e-cigarette starter kit or customising your own vape. But, of course, the best will always depend on your preference. So don't be afraid to mix and match and experiment!
That's part of the fun of vaping. Check out Vapora's collection of coils and discover your vaping style today!