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2019 Vaping Scare Update.

Mar 26, 2020
So as you may have heard several months ago an outbreak of “vaping related illnesses” began to be reported in the media. Over the following months, reports began to pile up of American vapers becoming seriously ill or dying and the media began to build a narrative that vaping was the cause of their illness. Many in the vaping community were sceptical that these “vaping related illnesses” had anything to with vaping at all it did seem very strange that millions of people worldwide had been vaping for a number of years now and none had ever suffered from this illness before. Even stranger was the fact that this illness was entirely contained to the United States with Zero reports from any of the tens of millions of vapers outside the United States. Slowly the media narrative began to fall apart with the overwhelming majority of the people that were suffering from this “vaping related illnesses” admitting they had used illicit THC (Marijuana) Eliquids shortly before falling ill rather than legal vape products. The people that fell ill also began to provide samples of the illicit products that they had been using and pretty much every single sample provided contained Vitamin E Acetate a chemical that if inhaled in vaporised form can cause serious respiratory issues. The Media who had whipped up this hysteria did not publicise these new developments anywhere near as well as they did the initial sensationalist articles about  “vaping related illnesses”. In Dec 2019 the Centres For Disease Control released a report withdrawing their previous advice for all Americans to stop any and all vaping immediately and advising that contaminated illicit THC e-liquids are the culprit of these “vaping related illnesses”. Once again the media coverage of these developments at the CDC has only been a small fraction of the coverage that the original stories got.

Legislation update.



As far as we know there doesn't seem to be any new vape related legislation in the pipeline in Australia currently. In late 2019 Federal Public Health Minster and well-known vape hater Greg Hunt met with state health ministers informing them that they should enforce their respective state legislation to its fullest to restrict the vape industry. A few NSW based vape shops reported being visited by the NSW Health Dept and advised that online retailing of vape products was in violation of the NSW legislation. However, these shops reconfigured their websites so that shoppers must sign up for an account before they can view the products which mean they are no longer in violation of the act. We anticipate other stores in NSW and eventually, other states will have to do this as well. Still, state governments have so far refused to act and take action against the thousands of retailers selling black market nicotine e-liquids in Australia so for now, it seems to be business as usual for them. unfortunately, as long as Greg Hunt is Health Minister it looks like legal regulated nicotine vaping won’t be happening. 

New Zealand

In September 2019 at the height of the vape scare, The New Zeland Health Ministry announced plans to ban all flavour vape liquids. Since then we haven’t heard much at all about this proposed ban. unfortunately, we just don’t have much information on what’s going on in NZ at the moment. But as far as we can tell right now the flavour ban will be going ahead.


After making several proposals then repeatedly backtracking on them the Trump administrations latest proposal is that all flavoured pre-filled vape cartridges will be banned while flavoured liquids